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vast pool of equipment and the fact that we have drivers and equipment strategically placed in key cities across the country, available every day to our customers, allows us to provide both standard and specialized services that are `second to none' in the transportation marketplace. LXT is dedicated to being the most reliable, safe, responsive and efficient motor carrier in the industry.
Expedited Services
Laser's primary strength lies in its Expedited Transportation services. When your need is time critical, Laser will respond in 90 minutes or less..

When time is critical LXT's EXPEDITED SERVICE is the answer. We offer expedited pickup and nonstop point to point shipments in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Our professional staff will provide you with options to help make the best possible decision for you, our valued customers. Unlike other companies, LXT offers WAREHOUSE and DISTRUBUTION service nationwide.
Laser Xpedited skilled dispatchers utilizes satellite communication systems to track your freight and communicate, in real time, with our drivers, instantly providing our customers with the status and location of there freight.
Laser Xpedited transportation is your one-stop solution for all your shipment needs.

Dedicated Services
Dedicated Trucks for your cargo ONLY.. 24 Hours a day 7 days a week.

Whether your shipments are one-way or have multiple stops, LXT can support your high-priority dedicated truckload needs nationwide. When an order must be filled and delivered the same day to accommodate your customers, Laser Xpedited can and will get the job done. Dispatch is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. our rates are extremely competitive and special programs can be arranged for volume shipping.

Truckload Services
Truckload Service is available throughout the entire United States, Mexico and Canada.

Our Truckload Services will utilize our fleet of 53 foot air-ride trailers and air ride sleeper tractors. Team drivers are available when necessary. Many shipments are delivered same day or overnight.

* 48 state coverage, including Mexico* and Canada
* Same day pick up available in Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago and Houston
* 53 foot air-ride vans, temperature controlled (refrigerated or heated), and flat beds
* Two-person teams
* Appointment deliveries at customers request
* Satellite tracking and real time communication with your driver
* Dedicated fleet.. we will supplement your private fleet
* Hazardous materials handled
* Warehouse and Distribution
* Point-to-point rates or full state mileage rates available
* Saturday, Sunday, Holiday pick-up & deliveries arranged

Laser Xpedited Transportation, delivering a variety of innovative services designed to meet our customer needs. Providing seamless service throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.
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